Rooter Service Burien

Clogged drains and sewers on your property can cause more than just an inconvenience in using the plumbing system. Unless cleaned out and cleared quickly, the choked pipes can start backing up.

The result is sewage flooding the property and creating serious health issues and environmental hazards, bringing everything to a halt. Federal Way Plumbing offers 24-hour rooter service in the Burien, WA area to minimize the mess and stress faced by residents due to clogged drain lines.

Clogging can happen because of a number of reasons. We provide drain and sewer rooter service in Burien to remove all types of clogs. Our technicians put the drain rooter machine into action to cut through clogs created by:

  • Tree roots infiltrating into the underground pipes
  • Hair, soap scum, and sludge buildup
  • Personal care products and paper towels thrown in toilets
  • Solid food waste or excessive grease allowed into drains

Drain Rooter Burien

Call us to discuss your drain rooter service needs in Burien. Clogs can occur anywhere in the sewer system and you cannot always depend on a plunger to get your drain lines flowing normally.

In fact, even renting a sewer rooter machine is not an option as you are not trained to operate it and risk injuring yourself if you use it incorrectly. There is no need to resort to DIY methods when we are here round-the-clock to provide drain rooter service.

We come prepared with cutting-edge equipment to tackle even the toughest of clogs. From a drain snake or drain auger to drain rooter machine to hydrojetters, we have everything necessary to remove clogs from your drain pipes. Our rooter plumbing skills, experience, and resources ensure that the job is done:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently and thoroughly
  • Safely

Burien Sewer Rooter

The sewer system in your property is an important and expensive installation. You would want the sewer lines to flow unhindered at all times and the system to have an excellent lifespan. For that, you should:

  • Make sure nothing unsuitable is thrown into the drains
  • Have sewer cleaning done on a regular basis
  • Call only proven pros for sewer rooter service, when required

Hiring our sewer rooter specialists in the Burien area helps you get rid of the sewer clogs completely without the system becoming damaged in any way. It helps that our superior sewer rooter services come at affordable rates.

Federal Way Plumbing is the leading source for sewer and drain rooter service in the Burien area. Call 253-331-2370.