Bathroom Plumbing Orillia


Dealing with the plumbing components of a bathroom is a complex job that is best left to the professionals. Therefore, anytime you need help with installation, repair, or maintenance of bathroom plumbing fixtures at your Orillia, WA property, make Federal Way Plumbing your first call. If you are wondering why to choose us as your contractor for a bathroom plumbing project at your property, then let us help you out. When you choose us for a bathroom plumbing job, you get a plumber who:

  • Is licensed and experienced
  • Offers affordable pricing
  • Strives to deliver same day service
  • Is available 24/7

As a highly competent plumber, we treat every bathroom plumbing job with the utmost dedication and seriousness. Call us today for efficient solutions to any bathroom plumbing project in Orillia or nearby areas.

Toilet Repair Orillia


Are you wondering how to fix toilet leak or the toilet handle at your property? Plumbing problems can arise out of nowhere; however you do not have to deal with them. Trust us anytime you need a toilet repair job no matter the size of the problem. Whether the toilet is clogged, leaking, or not flushing properly, waste no time in calling us for a toilet repair job.

Not dealing with toilet repair in a timely manner can evolve into major problems like:

  • Foul odors
  • Pipe bursts
  • Toilet replacement

We understand that you do not want to face any such complexities. This is why we ensure to do a thorough and timely toilet repair job at your Orillia property.

Bathroom Faucet Repair Orillia


If you are getting poor water pressure from your bathroom faucets, it could be because of clogs created by mineral deposits. What you need is a bathroom faucet repair job immediately to save water loss. Our plumbers know how to remove a bathroom sink faucet handle and how to remove a faucet handle without screws.

Reach us when you want bathroom faucet repair service in Orillia from plumbers who are:

  • Trained and professional
  • Skilled and diligent
  • Respectful of your time and property

No bathroom faucet repair job is too big or small for us. Let us handle the bathroom faucet repair task for you before you have to replace the whole unit. We come equipped with all tools and necessary parts for every bathroom faucet repair job.

Searching for quality bathroom or toilet repair services? Call Federal Way Plumbing at 253-331-2370 for professional bathroom plumbing services in Orillia.