Shower Repair Burien

A stylish, sophisticated shower has become an essential bathroom fixture in modern homes. Plus, a fully functional shower is critical for your hassle-free daily living. A leaky or malfunctioning shower can not only ruin your bathing experience but also slow down the daily routine.

At Federal Way Plumbing, we offer shower repair services in the Burien, WA area to help people get through the problems that crop up when their showers stop functioning normally.

There are many things that can go wrong with showers. The common problems that our shower repair company is called on to fix include:

  • Burst piping
  • Clogged showerhead
  • Slow draining of bathtub or shower pan
  • Showerhead releasing excessive water

Do not waste time in trying shower repair yourself if the bathroom fixture is giving you trouble. Call our shower repair experts to your Burien property and get back to having an enjoyable bath.

Shower Installation Burien

We also specialize in new shower installations. Installation of a complete shower system can be quite tricky and is best left to trained professionals. A new shower installation, when done correctly, gives you the pleasure of a nice shower and will add value to your home.

Why not let the professionals handle your new shower installation on your Burien property? When we handle your fiberglass or tile shower installation job, you can rest assured that the:

  • The fixture will operate properly
  • Hot water will be hooked up correctly
  • The drainage system will not have any issues

Having your shower installation done by our experts is the best way of minimizing your future shower repair needs and optimizing the lifespan of this new shower!

Burien Shower Replacement

We offer shower installation services for all types of needs and sizes. Besides installing showers in new constructions and making bathtub to shower conversions, we do shower replacement work as well.

Contact us if you are planning on shower replacement to get rid of a badly damaged fixture or thinking of a shower remodel to boost the style quotient of your bathroom. We can handle any shower replacement job in Burien, whether it involves simply changing the showerhead and knobs or if you need a new shower stall replacement.

Whatever the job, you can trust us for:

  • Quick scheduling and completion of shower replacement job
  • Neat and professional workmanship
  • Affordable shower replacement cost
  • Great customer support

Need shower repair or shower installation services in Burien? Call only Federal Way Plumbing. Reach us at 253-331-2370.