Bathtub Repair Covington


The dull, faded, and cracked bathtub removes all the charm of having a nice bath after a hard day at work. You can either have your tub repaired if there are minor issues or decide on a new bathtub installation. Get in touch with our reliable bathroom plumbers that offer bathtub replacement services.

Trust Federal Way Plumbing for any bathtub repair in the Covington, WA area. Serving as expert plumbers for all types of remodeling and renovation projects, we offer the following services for bathtubs:

  • Efficient bathtub repair
  • New bathtub installation
  • Hassle free bathtub replacement

From our experience, we have seen that most bathtub repair projects include refinishing jobs. The enamel is chipped off in areas, or the finishing coat has faded and dulled beyond repair. Such problems can be easily solved by bathtub repairs.

Bathtub Replacement Covington


If you are getting your bathroom remodeled or renovated and want to replace the existing bathtub, you must choose experts for the job. Bathtub replacement needs to be done correctly so that the new tub fits the available space correctly. Incorrect bathtub installation will lead to various problems.

Rely on us for bathtub replacement services around Covington. We are professional plumbers offering bathtub replacement and new bathtub installation services for a long time. Call us for bathtub replacement when you notice the following:

  • Complete staining of the bathtub
  • Mold and mildew on the bathtub
  • Leakage problem
  • Difficulty in using

It is better to have a bathtub replacement than doing bathtub repair if the tub is highly stained or it leaks. While the bathtub repairs will stop the problems for a bit, they will not go away completely. They will be surfacing again.

Covington Bathtub Installation


If you are having your bathroom renovated and are looking for a new bathtub installation, then you must choose the experts. Only the professionals will be able to suggest the best option for a new bathtub installation.

Count on us for new bathtub installation in the Covington area as we will consider the following factors when installing the new bathtub:

  • Size and shape of the tub
  • Available space in the bathroom
  • Weight bearing capacity of the floor

As there are several options available for new bathtubs, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. Take the help of our consultants in choosing the best bathtub for new bathtub installation around Covington.

Call Federal Way Plumbing at 253-331-2370 for any bathtub repair or installation services in the Covington area.